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Katie Harvey is a family + lifestyle photographer based in Eastsound, WA. 

Also available for travel.



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I believe that investing in experiences is far more important than missing out on them. This is why I offer multiple packages that are meant to work for everyone. No matter which you choose, I will strive to create a relaxed and memorable session. I’d love to capture all your moments that are beautiful, intimate, and emotional while keeping a comfortable and fun environment. 


I am super excited to introduce you all to Wanderlust, but first maybe some things you should know about me! I am 23 and married, I run on caffeine (chai and Pepsi, I know it’s terrible), I am a stay at home (and first time) mom, and I live on a tiny island in the very upper left PNW. I started Wanderlust to follow a passion I didn’t think I had the guts to pursue, but here I am and I LOVE IT! I chose Wanderlust because I believe that whatever the scenery or location, each session is an adventure. So with that, lets get together and talk about our next adventure together!