About Me

You learned a bit about me and my cute little fam on the home page but let's delve a little deeper shall we?!

OK. So first off, the way to my heart is a Chai Latte (20oz, iced, less ice + more milk). Give me all the caffeine, because basically I can't function without it.

I was born in WA and raised between here and OR. My heart always longs for my parents ranch down in Southern OR and honestly it's where I call "back home".

You'll hear (again) below that I live for all the moody tones. There is something about a somber, cloudy day that gives me all the feels for a crackling fire, warm blankets and a cup of (chai obviously).

Let me break down my HOW.

I love photographing friends, so thats exactly how I am going to treat you! I like to make everything as comfortable as possible, of course I have set ideas and packages that I try to line everything up to work out perfect, but hey.. I've had a baby and that event proved that it doesn't always go as planned! 

​Candid shots are usually always my favorite out the bajillions of photos I take in a session, but don't be fooled, I'm going to tell you what to do half the time too! Most need a bit of encouragement while in front of a camera, and I don't blame them! Being told to be "casual" and "do your thing" is really hard to respond to sometimes, if you knew how, you would be doing it already! I gravitate towards moodier tones, and living in the beautiful and mostly dark PNW, it works for me. 

​Anyways, thats a gist and you'll figure out the feel when we work together! Can't wait to meet you! 





"Our family had a great time! Love her perspective on US!"

—McGarry Family