December 29, 2019

Baby's First Christmas


PARENTS + non parents, we all have some sort of kid in our lives - this year was the first year Evelyn (the tiny human) got to experience Christmas. IT. WAS. GREAT. Granted, she is only 9 months and we unwrapped pretty much all of her presents for her, but it was still fun to watch her play with all of her toys and learn as she went.

As a new mom, I thought I would have certain + crazy unnecessary expectations for Little's first big holiday season. I would take all of the pictures of her doing all of the things, Santa, cookies, family time, etc. But to be honest, I didn't. I found myself more often than not forgetting my camera and not thinking twice about it. By doing this though I realized I was spending so much time in the NOW with her and it was actually a huge blessing to be able to see it through my own eyes and not my lens.

Don't get me wrong. My camera is ALMOST as important of an accessory as my cell phone, but this Christmas was actually really nice not having to worry about catching all the perfect shots. I highly recommend this guys! Photog or not, stop and breathe in the moment you might have to yourself with your littles because they are going to grow up. Yes, a photo is worth a thousand words (or more!), but that moment will never ever happen again so take it in!

-- Merry Christmas all! --