January 13, 2020

HOW TO - A Photog Blog



Probably not... being new to something is hard. Like really hard. So when I decided to start up this blog (literally a month ago), I thought I would fit in with other photog blogs, find some that I liked and maybe model my own after those. But honestly... how do you blog with just pictures? Isn't a blog supposed to be words? How to's? Photos included? See here's the thing, I gush about all the beautiful people I get to work with ANYWAYS. So why not create something more versatile? Something + somewhere you all can learn more about me and maybe I can give back a little bit to you!

So I will keep inset short and sweet. I am probably doing this photog blog thing all wrong and different and I am totally missing the concept, but I LIKE this. I want to gush MORE about my clients, my baby, friends, family + adventures. Everyone loves photos, but I'm going to make you read a bit too *insert awkward winky*.

ALSO ---------- give me some feedback! Leave a comment! Message me! You don't always have to have a session inspo to get a hold of me. If you want to know about something that maybe a blog post would help explain, LET ME KNOW. I am here to photograph because that is what I am good at, but this is a community and I want to bring us together on a whole other level.



P.S. Here is a quick snap I snagged of our snow fall yesterday. WHAT. It literally happened so fast. Stay safe everyone!